The raw long-lasting, hard-wearing Bronze material exposes the distinctive earthy hue, contextualising the minimal process. The bright surface texture oscillates between a vivid metallic gold and deeper ochre tone. Left to oxidise, as it darkens it reveals a lived history and takes on a new form.

Caring for Bronze

Bronze products will patina, particularly at points of contact, and can include a variety tonal changes. Bronze will also naturally darken and may develop verdigris depending on its environment. If there is a desire to restore the product to its original appearance, a light application of metal polish, followed by a beeswax protectant will achieve this.

Finish Permutation

The raw materials selected for Casts will undergo an evolution in their surface texture. While these products will arrive with a vivid finish, exposure to time, touch, and environment will ensure they develop their own distinctive character.

All Casts pieces are supplied with a thin wax coating which protects the original patina. The natural breakdown of this protective wax will accelerate changes in tonality and patination. Finish variation is to be expected and embraced.

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