Casts Collection - Bronze Finishes

The sandcasting technique used in the manufacture of Casts is a venerated artisanal process. Through their journey, the collaboration pieces are left with pitting and pour marks to embody a physicality akin to handcrafted sculptures. The unique surface texture serves as a physical timestamp of the fabrication itself.

Raw Bronze and Aluminium were meaningfully selected as materials for the Casts collection as they are highly durable, but also undergo a marked evolution in their character over time. These materials will also integrate harmoniously into a landscape, enriching it and enhancing territorial continuity.

  • Bronze

  • Patinated Bronze

  • Aluminium

Super Collection - Solid Brass Finishes

The enduring quality of Bankston products is integral throughout the design and manufacturing process. Various methods are used to create Bankston’s distinct finishes. From delicate hand-aged colours, to leading-edge plating techniques giving finishes unrivalled endurance and clarity. Bankston is continually striving to discover unique finishes that reflect a passion for architecture and design.

  • Smooth Nickel

  • Nero

  • Brushed Champage

  • Polished Chrome

  • Neutralis

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