Designed for intimate moments, the robe hook entices the user through a simple yet bold design language, displaying a small recess, an opening and invitation. In a simple formal gesture, the cylinder reveals an inverted vault to form a hanging point, a vision of design as art and function.

Australian Design No 202216353

Finish: Patinated Bronze
Available in 3 Finishes

Though honest in form, the considered nature of the hook reveals the attention to detail that carries through the entire Casts collection. Offered in Bronze, Patinated Bronze, or Aluminium, the raw metal finishes are praised through clean lines amongst a surface alive with texture due to the sandcasting process.

Casts by Bankston Architectural + Edition Office is a judicious edit of geometry and form. The curated collection of architectural hardware has a clear identity, with each piece sharing linked language and typology.

This product is supplied with a wood screw, pencil spindle and grub screw. Hook is available in 3 finishes.

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