Pull 02 - 1200mm

Pull 02 continues the design narrative in a longer form, furthering editions as a larger version of Pull 01, creating striking impact. The simple, elegant design is juxtaposed through the increased scale, spanning the length of the door. Its minimalist yet commanding aesthetic invites multiple moments, provoking attention back to the connection of touch through repetition.

Finish: Aluminium

The Pull Handle is offered in two distinct sizes; a full-sized 1200mm extended version and a shorter one at 300mm long. A nod to brutalist architecture, the cylindric monolithic form is celebrated in the distinct colour of the metals, the bright hues of bronze, a darkened patina bronze, or the stark silver of aluminium.

The monolithic nature of the pull, a forceful object, sits at the crux of construction, transcending risk-taking in design. Casts by Bankston Architectural + Edition Office is a judicious edit of geometry and form. The curated collection of architectural hardware has a clear identity, with each piece sharing linked language and typology.

Please note that Pull 02 can only be installed on timber. This product is supplied with wood screws, spindles and grub screws. Pull 02 is available in Aluminium only.

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